The 3Rs project in Qr Codes.

The 3Rs in Qr codes project, promoted by the 1st ESO English teacher at La GuineuetaSecondary School in Barcelona, ​​ends in the Code Week with an interactive exhibition of the works carried out and a Scratch Workshop. 

1 ESO students have produced their own interactive artistic creations made with material to recycle and inspired by the activities made during the project in the English classes.

On the one hand, we have tried to promote values ​​as important as creativity. On the other hand, our aim was to raise awareness among our students about the need to preserve the environment through recycling. In addition, one of the strengths of the exhibition is that each drawing comes with a QR code that allows the visitor to know what material it is made of and to which container we should recycle it through a digital poster created by the students themselves using various digital tools. This reflection on why and how to recycle the containers of the products we use at home and at school is empowered by the use of ICT and its perfect integration in the activity.

Besides, 3rd ESO ICT teachers also want their students to join the Code Week. In this proposal, 1st ESO students will attend a programming workshop, where some 3rd ESO students will become their Peer teachersand will teach them how Scratch works. While some of the 1 ESO students visit the interactive exhibition, the other half will perform the activities of the Scratch Workshop, and the other way round.

A few hours that we hope will inspire students and teachers.

The exhibition will be running from the 17th to the 25th October 2018 at the school hall.

Octubre 22, 2018